Trusted partners to growers, producers and meat processors all around the world…

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to build the most robust, fuel-efficient, cost-effective solution for the disposal of animal and animal by product waste and to continue to be the brand that is known world-wide for both quality of product and quality of customer service”. 

Why Choose AIS Incinerators?

With 40 years’ experience and a full understanding of the agricultural industry, the AIS team are here for you every step of the way on your purchase of one of our products. 

With our dedicated support team, we pride ourselves in giving you an unrivalled level of quality and service.

With all of our incinerators you will receive a 3 Year Warranty as standard and for added peace of mind, we only use the very best materials. 

Trusted partners to growers, producers and meat processors all around the world. We match the incinerator to the needs of your business ensuring we always supply the correct solution. Ensuring maximum efficiency and the fastest possible return on investment.  

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