AIS was founded on the basis of bringing its customers revolutionary agricultural incineration machinery to help with animal waste management and bio-security. With over 40 Years of incinerator design, manufacture, engineering, sales and customer support experience, you can count on AIS to deliver the quality and service you deserve.

Each machine is hand-built by our team of skilled technicians in the UK and U.S.

The reason your incinerator will last is due to the type of lining used. Our trusted monolithic casting system ensures maximum strength, reliability and a longer machine life. We are always happy to explain why our technology is far better than any other manufacturers product on the world market. Talk to us to find out more and make your own mind up.

Behind the AIS brand is a team of experts who are always on hand to discuss any questions that you may have about incineration, so you can be assured of great service and a great product. Our philosophy is to listen to our customers, so we understand what our customer needs/wants from our incinerators.

 But it goes beyond that, we stay with you for the life of the machine, always on hand if or when you need us. It’s a people thing, it’s an AIS thing.

An unrivalled level of quality and service all around the world

Contact us today for more information about our incinerators

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