One of the key reasons our incinerators are recognized as being ‘probably the best ’ on the world market, is the use of our market leading and trusted low thermal mass monolithic concrete lining which is used in all of our models. ​​​ All models in the Cyclone Range are supplied with a secondary chamber, ensuring they fully conform to many legislative bodies around the world.​​

Image of the AIS 3860 Cyclone with fully automated Lid open / close operation​.


AIS 025 Cyclone Information:

  • Ideal for those looking for a quick, effective and bio-secure animal-by-product incineration solution. 
  • Suited for small pigs, full access to the main chamber via a Top Loading counterbalance lid ensures users can load the machine via skid loaders and tractor buckets. 
  • Burns up to *54kgs/120 1bs per hour.
  • Load capacity of up to 250kg / 551 lbs.
  • The AIS 025 Cyclone is recognized for also being able to deal with other animal-by-products generated across the agricultural sector including; Poultry, Ewes, Lambs, Game Farms, Estates, Butchers and Farm shops.
  • PLC timer controls with automatic burner shut off function and fast ignition burners. One temperature-controlled burner in the main chamber and one in the secondary chamber.
  • Can be loaded whilst in operation maximizing the inherent thermal efficiency of our trusted monolithic concrete lining, keeping running costs low.
  • Optional Extra features include; Grate Bars / USB Data Logger / Ash Door / Stack Extensions / Ash Rake / Simple Heat Exchange system / Control Panel screen size increase / Service Kits .

AIS 025 Cyclone Main Chamber View

AIS Product Details:

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